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Rachel Trousdale on laughter and revelation

You teach a wide variety of courses in poetry—lyric poetry, poetry writing, modern poetry, romantic poetry, 19th Century British poetry, and poetry workshops. When you teach, what do you teach about the chapbook, poetry sequences and series, and creating…


Amanda Butler on writing challenges

Many writers and poets participate in NaPoWriMo, NaNoWriMo, NaHaiWriMo, and other 30 day challenges. Were any of the poems in your first chapbook Tableau Vivant (Dancing Girl Press, 2015) inspired by such challenges? What do such challenges offer to…


Kelly Fordon on the perfect vehicle for preoccupations

In the essay “Why Publishing a Chapbook Makes Sense,” Jeannine Hall Gailey includes a suggestion by Kelli Russell Agodon on creating chapbooks, “My advice would be to focus your chapbook on one subject, theme, or story. The best chapbooks…


Steve Langan on waiting for poems

You’re the author of the chapbook Notes on Exile (Backwaters Press, 2005), winner of the 2004 Weldon Kees Award, as well as the books Freezing (New Issues, 2001) and Meet me at the Happy Bar (BlazeVOX Books, 2009) and…