The Chapbook Interview publishes interviews about the chapbook as a genre, art form, and vessel for creative work. Interviews explore all aspects of chapbook craft, including sequencing poems, chapbook design and layout, and collaborations. Interviewees include teachers of the chapbook and students of the chapbook, writers, poets, designers, editors, and collaborators.

The Chapbook Interview began in 2012 as a blog interview feature on the chapbook by Laura Madeline Wiseman to explore the chapbook as a literary form by interviewing chapbook authors and editors about the chapbooks they create. All interviews are still archived there. Contributors include Wendy Barker, Jennifer Franklin, Margo Taft Stever, Kristina Maria Darling, Kristy Bowen, Jenn Monroe, Nicci Mechler, Grace Bauer, and others. The Chapbook Interview is an advocate for all things chapbook.